FOID and Concealed Carry Notice




                 Dear citizens of Jasper County. I would like to inform you that the Sheriff's Office is seeing an increase in the number of FOID and Concealed Carry revocations from the Illinois State Police Firearms Service Bureau. The Illinois State Police Firearms Service Bureau will send the individual a notice that their FOID and Concealed Carry (if applicable) has been revoked. The notice also states that the individual is required to surrender their FOID to the local law enforcement agency within 48 hours. The Sheriff's Office also receives a letter stating the same information as the individual receives. The individual is then required to turn their revoked FOID card over to the local law enforcement agency. The Illinois State Police also require a Firearm disposition record to be completed. This requires the individual with the revoked FOID to transfer possession of their firearms to an individual with a valid FOID. Although the Sheriff's Office has nothing to do with the FOID revocation we do collect the revoked FOID cards and mail them into the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau along with the Firearm disposition record. These items must be received by the Illinois State Police before they will consider reinstating the FOID. Some of these revocations are for valid reasons, however I found that some of the reasons given are not valid reasons. I do not agree with many of these revocations. I have written letters to the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau explaining why some of these revocations are not valid and have provided documents to prove this. It is not the Sheriff's Office's intentions or objective to take citizens firearms. The Sheriff's Office rarely seize firearms because most often people have someone to transfer them to. If you have a FOID and Concealed Carry please be aware that if the FOID expires the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau is revoking the FOID card and the concealed carry card. Make sure to complete your FOID renewal application no sooner than 60 days prior to the expiration date, but before the expiration date. The Sheriff's Office takes every effort to assist individuals that receive these letters. We will deal with these issues on a case by case basis. Please feel free to contact me at the Sheriff's Office if you have any questions or concerns.


Sheriff  Brandon Francis.